Crazy stupid love

Crazy stupid love

(via intimate-couples)


I don’t know these people. Why am I sobbing?


Cana Video Productions -

Love Story; Brian & Natalia

I cannot get over how much I adore this!

*I will post their wedding video soon!*

Be the change you want to see in the world



Busy, Busy, Busy

VERY BUSY week ahead. 

My sister and i are having a sister day on wednesday.

My boyfriend comes home tomorrow afternoon.

I move my horse to her new stable this week.

And on top of all that i have a Q&A meeting for college this week…

lots of stuff is happening this week. lots of change


I dream of Horses …
Black, Brown, Chestnut, Bay, Palomino, Pinto, Roan and Grey Strawberry Sorrels with manes of Red
Galloping, Galloping past my bed….

When nightmares flood you mind 

you can’t find a safe place to hide. 

The shadows in the darkness try to take over your life.

I know He is here

but it’s my child hood i never had that i try to hold dear.

5 years i was put through hell in that house.

Ridiculed and bullied, beaten and fooled.

Two faced girls have never been so mean.

To this day that kind of blacked heart i haven’t seen.

But i know that they are gone and i am safe now. 

but the nightmares still haunt me.

my demons are still here.

They follow me where i go.

They try to come out.

But i shove them back under my own shadow of doubts.

I wake up in tears.

Not able to breathe from my fear. 

But i know i am safe and the demons are not near.

Only in my mind is where they still try to find.

my weakness,

my self hate.

my wrists that i use to mutilate.

The scars are still here. 

and yeah so is my fear.

but i am getting better i promise.

or am i still my own 8 year old self.

being drown in a pool.

being jumped.

being hit.

being called a worthless piece of shit!

for 5 years i was called ugly and fat.

I didn’t know any better.

I wasn’t old enough to know that.

That i was beautiful.

And worthy of all the love in the world.

but the neighborhood girls tried for 5 years to distroy that.

so here i am tonight

crying and in pain.

i can still feel words like a poison needle in my vein.

my back maybe broken 

some feelings still unspoken. 

but i can sure as hell gaurentee 

I will love you like i have never been broken <3 

My Horse Cricket =)

My Horse Cricket =)